Rock Band Class

Last year we had 8 different Rock Band Classes. Thursday night at 8pm was an adult class. This year we hope to have another adult Rock Band Class on Wednesday nights!
By joining one of our 50 minute Rock Band Classes, your child (or you) will have the benefit of playing with other musicians at the same level.  In Rock Band Class, participants learn to play contemporary rock songs in a band setting. Typically, the bands will include guitars, drums, vocal and keyboard.
Practicing and playing with other musicians is highly motivational and a very important part of music education.
Our instructors firmly believe that Rock Band Class will: 1) Re-enforce what your child is learning in private lessons, 2) Enable him to play and rehearse with others, 3) Acquire an understanding of how other music instruments interact with his/her instrument, 4) Increase confidence to play in front of others, 5) Broaden overall knowledge and possibilities that exist in the study of music, and MOST IMPORTANTLY HAVE FUN!
To celebrate their accomplishments, Rock Band students will have the opportunity to show off their talents in an end of the year FUN School of Music Battle of the Bands. This is an exciting celebration that will allow each of our Rock Band Classes to perform on stage for each other, family and friends.
No experience needed....Beginners welcome!!


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