"Thank You!! Enrolling my children in The FUN Music for Beginners Program is the BEST thing I ever did for them! The program has taught my children much more than reading and writing music. They are creative, imaginative and confident. My 11 year old son is a FUN Program graduate and is taking his first year of guitar. Not only can he read music but he has started to write his own songs. Thank you for thinking outside of the box and educating the creative and imaginative mind." Shannon P.

"Christopher (7 years old) and Lilliana (4 years old) have enjoyed The FUN Music for Beginners Program immensely! They have been involved in other music programs and this is definitely a great deal of fun, along with all the fundamentals of music education a parent looks for." Doug and Trish B.

"Lacey has been attending The FUN Music for Beginners Program for three years and the FUN has never stopped! Lacey looks forward to going to classes every week and is now beginning to play her instrument and compose her own music. She is looking forward to learning to play the electric guitar! We can't wait!" Maria C.

"Both of my daughters ( 10 years old and 7 years old) thoroughly enjoyed the program. There was also a positive result to their school music grades, both girls improved from a B to an A. I thank the teachers for all of their enthusiasm and hard work in teaching my children." Shirley F.

"Two years ago our 10 year old daughter was introduced to music with The FUN Music for Beginners Program. She now plays piano, violin, guitar and sings. She has the confidence to pick up any instrument and play it. This confidence comes directly from the FUN Program." Tom E.
FUN Music for Beginners Program

The FUN Music for Beginners Program
A Curriculum Based Beginner Music Program For Children Ages 2-10

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The FUN Music for Beginners Program
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The FUN Music for Beginners Programis an introductory music program that prepares children for a life time of success in music. 
Why Start Now??
To promote:
A LOVE for music
SUCCESS for your child
The ABILITY to read, write, sing and play music.

Try a Free Lesson     The Length of the Program   
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Teach for FUN!


Experts say that the best way to find a GREAT music teacher is to try a free lesson.  Ask questions such as how long the teacher has taught, were did she get her training and ask for the names of a few present and former students.  With The FUN Music for Beginners Program, we encourage families to experience a 50 min. lesson, in our group program, before making a commitment.


All group classes with The FUN Music for Beginners Program consist of 38 weekly lessons during the school year.  However, tuition is based on 35 lessons, so you will receive 3 "free" lessons during the year.  Due to our very full schedules, no makeup or rearranged lessons can be given under any circumstances, including illness, school or personal events, weather, etc.


Tuition is $620 and is based on the entire 38-week course of study and is due in full whether or not the student attends all lessons.  The $620 tuition may be paid in full, 2 payments, or in ten monthly payments by post dated cheques made payable to The FUN School of Music. Tuition is nonrefundable and due in its entirety as scheduled. If for some unseen reason the lessons are not working out, after a discussion with the teacher and program director, a refund may be granted up to the end of October. Families with three or more children may apply for scholarships. Please call for details. 905-309-3886 or 1-877-FUN-5-FUN

Students are taught in group classes of up to 8 children in age specific groups.  Classes entail 50 minutes of instruction that follows a curriculum based on specific skills required to succeed in private instruction.


- Time signatures
- Bar lines
- Bars
- Double bar line
- Beats
- rhythms and rests
- I IV V 7 chord progressions
- melodic vocal and ear training in C major
- Hand Signs
- Rhythmic improvisations
- Singing Games
- Solo Singing
- Melodic and rhythmic reading and writing
- Dynamics
- Tempos
- Genres
- Basic Cord structure do, me, so.
- Chord Relationships I IV V 7